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A digital painting featuring a woman's body, coloured in grey, slumped unmoving on the floor. The neck changes into a bright yellow, and it stretches in twists and turns all across the image. The head, at the top, is an angry red, looking down at the body and shouting furiously.

There’s so much to see and so much to do in this world. So many things to learn!


Over here - science.


Over there - art.


Ooh, and technology!


Not to mention history, and literature, and people - how they work, what makes them tick, what makes them deceitful and lovely and complicated and wanting, and it’s so beautiful to observe them and listen to them and if I take this feeling and put it here and add this colour and play with this gadget I found and move it over there and-







Why aren’t you moving?


Oh please, don’t do this to me again. There’s so much to do,


come ON!

Detail of the head, red coloured with a furious expression, eyes white.
Detail of the body, grey and lifeless, slumped on the floor against the wall.
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