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I'm currently available for freelance work.

My name is Silje Thorn.

(That's pronounced "Sil-yeh")

I'm a Creative Technologist and Artist based near London, UK. I thrive most in the magic that happens when art and tech collide, where I make Augmented Reality effects for social media and the web, as well as digital fine art pieces that are available as NFTs across several platforms.

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About Me.

My background is in illustration, product design and localisation. In 2020, I dove headfirst into creative technology when I started building Augmented Reality effects for my illustrations, and expanded into digital fine art when involvement in the community led me to discovering Crypto Art/NFTs. I haven’t looked back since; I have relished the opportunity to learn fascinating new skills within all sorts of disciplines that AR has led me to, from 3D modelling to animation to A-Frame programming, as well as using them to experiment with art making. Currently, my art is available for sale on the Ethereum blockchain, and I offer a range of AR and asset creation services on a freelance basis.

Things I've been up to

Collaborations, Exhibitions, Residencies

For One Night Only by YoIllo, London, November 2023

As suggested by its name, this exhibition was exhibited for just one night, in a novel concept of relying wholly on the supreme "Private View". The work of a selection of 50 London illustrators was presented, featuring a number of emerging artists showcasing a blend of digital illustration, graphic arts and traditional styles.

TRUE Exhibition, Hong Kong, August 2023

An exhibition tackling the subject of personal truth and self-acceptance. I had the opportunity to showcase my ADHD paintings here, and launch a brand new one. Curated by Anthea Wong and featuring artists such as Francis Consorte-McCrea, Jasmine Holly Bullock and Andra Simons.

Upon This Block, Peterborough, May 2023

A celebration of digital artists, curated by NFT artist and collector Metageist. Featuring digital art, live VR sessions, live paintings, photogrammetry, creative coding, augmented reality, generative art and more. Exhibiting artists such as CryptoSpectr, OgiWorlds, Jason Duckmanton, David Lisser, Angie Taylor and more.

AR House Gallery, Los Angeles, November 2022

I exhibited Augmented Reality artwork at the AR House’s first XR art exhibition in Los Angeles alongside some of the most talented Augmented Reality creatives in the business, like Aidan Wolf, Lucas Rizzotto, Tahnee Gehm, Adriana Vecchioli and Grace Ng.


NFT.London Speaker, November 2022

I spoke on a panel at NFT.London 2022 with Crypto Artists Karen Frances Eng, Stina Jones, Lapin Mignon, titled “Crypto Art: NFT Art and Artists in the Digital Wild”, moderated by Charmaine Short, aka Bitcoin Madame of Ettaverse.

NFT Magazine, October 2022

My artwork, The Human Condition, was selected for a special celebrative cover issue of The NFT Magazine for their “Crypto Art Begins” Bookstore Edition NFT Drop on Nifty Gateway.

AR House Creator in Residence, Los Angeles, July 2022

The AR House, founded by Lucas Rizzotto and Aidan Wolf, is a 4 week program that teaches and inspires creators about emerging tech and community living. I was part of the Web3 and Metaverse cohort in the AR House in July 2022, where I lived and created with 13 other incredible AR creators of a variety of disciplines and became part of the wider AR House community.

Dawn of Eternal Spirits, May 2022

The largest artist collaboration on Async to date, by NFT collective The Guild and Korean design company, d’strict’s crypto artist unit Arte Meta.

View it here.

Dreamverse, New York, November 2021

The biggest Crypto Art exhibition and party of the year, organised by Metapurse, where Beeple’s iconic “First 5000 Days” was exhibitied for the first time in an official capacity. I exhibited a piece alongside some of the biggest names in the space, including Hackatao, Alotta Money, Coldie, Sutu, Josie Bellini, Metageist, Fewocious and more.

Digital *Existence Exhibition, London, August 2021’s first “IRL” exhibition held in Rotate in Shoreditch, London, in partnership with Ethereum London and Nifty Orchard. This exhibition featured 18 pioneering and emerging digital artists, including Trevor Jones, XCOPY, Kitty Bast and Miss Al Simpson.

The Arcana Crypto Tarot, May 2021

A truly NFT and digitally native project, this is a functional digital tarot deck, enabled by Async Art’s unique technology. The first collaboration organised by WOCA, featuring 22 artists such as Gisel Florez, Angie Taylor, Kitty Bast, Stina Jones and Sparrow.

View it here.

Pandora's Box, April 2021

A partnership between The Guild and Charged Particles to showcase their new nested NFT functionality.

View it here.

Graffiti Queens Exhibition, April 2021

The largest ever all-female Crypto Art exhibition, hosted by Graffiti Kings in Decentraland and curated by CryptoYuna, featuring over 200 artists such as Marjan Moghaddam, Cryptopom, Violet Jones and Nadya from Pussy Riot.

The Cyber Watch, February 2021

A collaborative project by The Guild, which at the time was the largest collaboration on Async Art, and sold for the record dollar amount. It served as a sequel to the iconic The First Supper from the previous year. Featuring artists such as Coldie, Sarah Zucker, pplpleaser and Matt Kane.

View it here.

She Art Exhibition, September 2020

The first ever all-female Crypto Art exhibition, hosted in Angie Taylor’s The London Gallery. A truly special experience, featuring artists such as Josie Bellini, Sparrow, Miss Al Simpson and Gisel Florez.

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